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Welcome to Herbalife Australia #1
Step (1) – Super Charge your body, watch here now:

These results are not typical. Individual results will vary
“Finally weightloss products that have proven to work,
I easily slimmed 15cm of belly fat – waist”

“I commenced my journey on the Shape Up program & Chitosan weight loss plan. The directions in the supplied guidelines were explained very well and simple to follow each day, and the tracker is a great idea to keep my mind on track to my end goal by tracking my results every third day in the chart. Straight away I calculated the cost of my slimming products from my price list and discovered the prices were definately not expensive at all and was actually less than the meals the meal replacement shakes and herbal nutrition tablets were replacing, which was a great bonus for my budget and my purchase power. I had very effective weightloss which created amazing motivation for me to continue my thrilling adventure, I lost 15cm of stomach fat from my waist, I could really feel the inches dropping off my whole body exactly where I needed to lose my unwanted fat, I think my metabolism has speed up and had a good booster and is working better now too. It was very quick & easy for me to record my slimming progress in the diet chart that was provided in my program. I love to drink the ‘low GI tested’ shakes, I usually blend up banana smoothies with trim milk, with the recent cold days I warm up my banana smoothie in the microwave, and is very satisfying, in the warmer summer months I also mix a variety of juice recipes, apple or pineapple juice with mango mixed is a mouth watering fruity meal shake, for even more diversity I also enjoy mix into a tub of low fat flavoured yogurt which tastes really yummy. Iam finding it fun and enjoyable as I can still enjoy my favourite food for my main meal, a great added bonus is I have discovered I do not crave the high calorie food anymore, I sometimes have one of the balanced meal ideas in the eating food plan provided, which are always tasty. My body has been slimmed just nicely, and given my body an exciting daily increase in energy which makes my afternoon brist exercise walk on the St Kilda beach a breeze, I have a definate improved spring in my step now. My next fitness addition is Iam joining my local gym to add some toning and strength to my new leaner dream body. Next week Iam looking at adding the slimming tea enhancer, which Iam excited about, as my results should be boosted further, especially in the inch loss area. Iam so impressed with my new lean shape I pampered myself with a new pair of Slim n Lift Caresse Jeanims Jeans, my boyfriend keeps saying how amazing my trim figure looks in my new Slim n Lift Caresse Jeanims Jeans. My slim sexy body is now looking fantastic in my bikini – for the beach, look out”

Michelle Marshall
Melbourne CBD

These results are not typical. Individual results will vary

“18kg lighter & waist reduced 22cm”

“After seeing the dramatic after giving birth slimming transformation testimonial before and after pics from my older sister in Toowoomba, the mother of her first child, who achieved her post pregnancy success during breastfeeding, and hearing the feedback from many other great success stories & reviews – I could not wait to get started with the Advanced program enhancers kit, I was very keen to share in my sister’s stunning results, and my experience has been very exciting. Over the years I have tried every diet out there, I have used cheap shake containers from the supermarkets before and they are vastly different to the herballife shakes in taste and in controlling my appetite also in how I feel, I tried Tony Ferguson, Sureslim, Body Trim, Rapid Loss, Optifast, Fat Blaster, Jenny Craig, pills etc, they left me hungry and lacking energy. What gave my confidence a great boost was that my sister confirmed the Formula 1 Protein Shakes, tea, NRG and all other products are totally safe and ok to use while breastfeeding. I quickly enjoyed many formula one shake flavours by simply trying different fruits in my Nutribullet superfood blender. The complete nutrition ingredients, vitamins etc in this program must be amazing, as I just feel so damn good and energised every day as soon as I wake up. Iam sure my whole system has had a thorough cleanse and detox, all drugs free. It just makes sense to me that there are no side effects as Iam getting nutrition my body needs. I can have my two meal replacements any time of the day, I usually replace breakfast and lunch with my delicious shakes, and enjoy a meal of my choice for dinner. In just 20 weeks I lost 18kg, 79kg – 61kg & 22cm of tummy fat from my waist and belly, without any exercise or workouts or yoga, this is with out a doubt the easiest weight reducing plan I have ever experienced with many health benefits, from day one my appetite was always satisfied, Iam loving it, Iam so happy. So to compare with the other kilo reducing systems I’ve tried there really is no comparison, this herbal regime is light years better. It has been great dealing with the team of SupremeWellness online, I always felt like I had my own expert coach with my happiness at heart, for me definately easier and better than dealing with a nutrition club”

Kelly Taylor


Have you tried multiple weight loss methods in the past and you are still extremely dissatisfied with your overweight appearance and your lack of energy everyday ?

Congratulations… slim totally energised healthy body for you right here now.

Questions ? contact now online phone support 24/7.

YOU Get: Bonus Bullet Fast Delivery (Next Day-2 days).

Thank you
Herbalife Distributor Experts (since 1988)
Your “Getting Slim & Totally Energised & Super Healthy” partners
Supreme Wellness Expert Support Team
(27 years experience)

Expert Herbalife Australia Distributor #1

“I started using the Ultimate Program package in the last week of March, 2006. I felt a massive boost in energy by day 3, which I still enjoy every day! I’ve lost 26kgs in 11 months, and 157.5cm of body fat. I have so much more energy & confidence now and I feel FANTASTIC!”

These results are not typical. Individual results will vary.

“16 kilo slimmer, size 14 to size 8”

“I was feeling miserable from being overweight. I rarely left the house because I felt self concious about the way I looked. I even considered getting surgery done, and Iam so glad I did not go down that path. My self-confidence was very low I had tried every diet plan out there and failed at them all, I felt like there was not much hope for the future.”

After only about one week into my weight loss challenge I quickly noticed some positive changes. “The very 1st day, I felt so much more energy, I lost 16 kilos in a bit over 3 months, I went from size 14 to size 8, and people wanted to know what my weight loss secret was. I have maintained my great new figure for 4 years now. I feel so good, and I finally have the energy to keep up with my 2 young kids.

I definately love these supplements & protein shakes & fat burner tea, I recently included the chocolate slimming bars to help my slim lean figure maintenance and wow a lovely appetite controller for my sweat tooth. Iam excited to be another great testimonial. If you would love to get slim & feel much healthier and maintain your weight loss my advice and tips are get yourself started straight away, you will love the difference in yourself”

Judy McWilliam
Sydney Centre

With regards to people trying to lose weight and to re-shape themselves, most participents attempt to count calories and reduce the serving size of their meals. Over time despite giving it their best shot most people get on the scales and the measurement on the scales has not moved, or only moved a tiny amount. People make errors in counting their calories, and they also do not reduce the portion size well enough, these are the 2 main barriers in winning with their size reduction efforts.

One of the many benefits of meal replacement smoothies is that portion control is simply done in a controlled manner, where you know you have absolute control over your meal allotment size. You will know the amount of calories in your meal, and you also know it will be completely nutrition rich. In addition you know you can blend up an infinite variety of delicious shake flavours for your meal replacements, and you know you can prepare your enjoyable protein rich smoothie super fast so it fits in perfectly into your day no matter how busy & hectic your day is, quick for you to prepare and quick for you to consume, a very attractive combination for your busy lifestyle.

Serving control can be the most common method used in trying to manage the calories consumed. A lot of participants do not have enough skill in weighing and calculating their foods, then over time they think they are experts at this task and they think they have guessed the allotment size and they end up being way out in actually decreasing the serving size. Serving volumes can then gradually get bigger & bigger, then naturally their kilo loss grinds to a holt. Trying to guess serving control is a sure fire way to not lose weight in the long run.

Then there are situations where it becomes tough for people to be satisfied with different aspects of the size of the meal, satisfied both in their eyes and stomach. Your portion controled meal plan might specify a 85g piece of meat or steak, then you look at the steak and it looks as small as a small packet of smokes. Then because the reduced portion size is not satisfying enough you can start to have a little snack here and there, you might think it’s only a small snack, like a little handful of peanuts, or a handful of almonds. These little snacks add up over a day, and can definately slam on the brakes for your dieting slimming efforts.

Another amazing benefit of your meal substitution smoothies is you have total control in how you tailor your shakes to your exact tastes etc. You can mix your shakes into any type of milk, you can blend with cow’s milk, soy milk, any fruit juice, you can add any type of fruit you want, you can mix your Formula one into yogurt, your shake recipes are vast. if you need a bit of help with your appetite – you can simply add some Protein Powder to your shake, you are only limited by your imagination. The end result is you have total control on how you’d like your meal replacement, so you can love the taste, you can feel how healthy it is for you, you can quickly prepare so you will not distrupt your day no matter how busy you are, a winning combination – to get you slim and extremely satisfied & happy.

Herbalife Australia Distributor #1 Best Weight Loss Products that Work
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